Before I had CFR, I was congested in my sinuses and I had to breathe through my mouth. I was constantly burping because of the air in my stomach and had very dry lips. Since I had CFR, I am able to close my mouth and easily breathe through my nose. I also stopped snoring. I recommend CFR to anyone with allergies especially. My general health has improved from breathing better.

Lori F.


Emilio N.






Michael W.

Awesome Dr. Roberts Treats our entire family! We always feel so much better after our visits.

Laura W.

Prompt service, Friendly environment and the feeling of well being.

Jenifer N.

Dr. Roberts timing is everything. His care and detail are consistent. He is current in techniques and modalities allowing me to thrive in his care. A humble and generous man. I owe his care and attention to my healing & recovering from numerous injuries to date.

DeNae M.